Developing a data strategy through agile sprints

A Danish media group and Implement Consulting Group

1 December 2020

The project: Developing a data strategy for a Danish media group

A Danish media group was challenged by a market change where their customers were moving from analogue to digital media, and where it was increasingly difficult to get them to pay for content in a traditional subscription model.

The media Group had therefore developed a strategy which called for a more digital business model, and Implement was asked to develop a group data strategy through a sprint-based approach.

In close collaboration with all of the client’s business areas, we formulated an aspiration for becoming data-driven, mapped strategic themes and identified data use cases related to management decision support and customer journeys. As part of the project, we also analysed which organisational, architectural and technological capabilities the client had to either build or strengthen if they wanted to realise the strategy, and we developed a road map and estimate to execute the strategy.

The impact: Establishing a clear journey towards becoming data-driven

As a result of the project, the media group now has a clear vision of its journey towards becoming data-driven.

Based on the data strategy road map, the client is gradually building the recommended data and analytics capabilities and is working in a structured and targeted manner to develop data-driven solutions that address the identified and prioritised data use cases in business intelligence and common user profiles for digital marketing.

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