Sweeter responsiveness and efficiency

A confectionary producer and Implement Consulting Group

29 May 2010

The project

Facing the constant challenges presented by having several manual planning tasks and disconnected tools that took time to update, this confectionary producer decided to overhaul their planning processes.

Simpler, robust processes for demand planning and supply planning focusing on stability and transparency were designed and implemented. These were fully aligned and integrated with the existing sales and operations planning process.

In addition, a cost optimiser was introduced for planning the supply network: from finished goods, to semi-finished products, to raw material sourcing.

The impact

  • Total reduction of manual tasks amounted to 5 workdays per month, or 60 days per year.
  • Forecast bias reduced by 3%.
  • Forecast accuracy improved by 5%.
  • Significant manual data load reduction.
  • Improved data and process transparency through one set of numbers: shared data model between sales, demand planning, and S&OP.
  • Lower Net Working Capital thanks to greater transparency in projected stock, safety stock planning, and seasonal planning.

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