When humans have to succeed - together
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12 November 2012

Teams is a book on what it takes to convert a group of people into a team where the output created is more valuable than the sum of all the individuals’ output.

The authors of Teams believe that by applying a few practical tools and brief messages you can make a group of people work together in an appreciative and effective manner. As a consequence, the book is split into two versions.

There is the short version containing the four non-negotiable standards the authors believe are essential to create an effective and operational team. And there is the long version where the reader can dive deeper into the theory, tools and models that all together provide you with a more nuanced picture of the interplay between people in professional relations.

Teams is primarily a book for leaders, but in a still more project and knowledge-oriented world it is relevant for almost all professionals who want to take responsibility for creating results in cross-functional groups.

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