Strategic agility

The modern strategist's handbook on staying relevant in a turbulent world
Michael Erzinger, Lukas E. Bär, Samuel Loher at Printing House Daniel, Prague
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18 February 2020

Strategic Agility is a handbook that will allow you to develop and implement strategic agility in a turbulent world, where strategy formulation and execution increasingly become one.

To stay relevant, strategy matters more than ever! Yet in today’s turbulent world, strategy is less about having a plan and managing its execution. The faster the global environment changes, the more strategy is about continuously identifying and seizing new opportunities. And about managing the uncertainties and risks that come with it. Traditional strategy approaches fail to adequately deal with these challenges.

Strategic Agility offers a proven approach to strategic management and allows you to continuously craft and refine your strategy while you learn and further explore opportunities. This allows you to engage in better decision-making despite facing risks and uncertainties.

Strategic Agility is the modern strategist's mindset, handbook and operating model!

A handbook for the modern strategist

In our work as strategy consultants, we have developed and implemented the Strategic Agility approach with dozens of companies. To make our concept accessible to the growing number of modern strategists out there, we have packaged our insights into this practical handbook and peppered it with relevant, real-world case studies.

This book will provide you with valuable insights on established best practices through a multitude of case studies.

It will help you with:

  • Strategy: to achieve long-term strategic goals in a dynamic and turbulent environment.
  • Execution: to seamlessly integrate strategic design and implementation, turning ideas into concrete actions and measurable results more quickly and safely.
  • Innovation: to improve your organisation’s overall rate of change and renewal.
  • Growth: to grow new business and pursue overall growth more systematically, quickly and safely.

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