Service delivery

The road to world-class service
Akademisk Forlag
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4 April 2014

How service companies can maximise the double value creation of delivering an attractive service to the customer in an effective manner for the company.

The Danish book Serviceleverance (service delivery) introduces a completely new wide-ranging approach to service delivery and the service company.

This understanding is achieved by introducing you to the service delivery system – which is the central concept behind the book – as well as the elements you need to have control of to be able to create a world-class service delivery system in practice. In practical terms, the book will provide you with insight on how to manoeuvre and see areas of improvement in your company, and it will also allow you to discover new toolboxes that will help you harvest these potentials in an effective manner.

Theoretically, the book builds a bridge between the many different views on service delivery you are confronted with in service literature, such as service management, service design and service operations. Thus, the book represents a business-oriented and systemic approach that goes a step further than the many tool-oriented books that base their approach on a specific toolbox instead of the entire service company.

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