Power in projects, programs and portfolio

Achieve project excellence and create change with strategic impact.
Djøf Publishing

15 July 2015

The need for professional management of projects and the project portfolio has grown significantly as successful project execution has become increasingly vital for the ability of organisations to develop and survive.

This application-oriented book on project management and project leadership is targeted at both experienced and less experienced project people in public as well as private organisations.

The book provides specific directions on how to achieve success with the typical disciplines of the project manager such as setting the objectives, governance, planning and organisational structure. It also covers the more ‘soft’ disciplines, incl. managing the project team, coaching, communication and conflict management.

The book, furthermore, deals with top management’s involvement in managing the organisation’s overall project portfolio as well as programme management of several projects with common objectives. The aim is to create coherence between the individual projects and the overall strategy. The concept of Project Excellence is introduced which increases the entire organisation’s project orientation, e.g. by creating the right organisational framework for successful project execution.

One of the strong points of the book is the link between theory and practical application, which is also reflected through the wide range of useful tools for project and portfolio management included on the accompanying CD-ROM.

The choice of subjects of the book covers the training syllabus required to become a certified project manager in accordance with the European IPMA standard.