Create impact through involvement
Djøf Forlag

15 August 2017

Less than one third of all change projects create the desired impact.

While there, of course, are many explanations to these rather gloomy statistics, the authors of the Danish book Facilitering (Facilitation) argue that neglecting the importance of creating the right atmosphere in the right settings is a major factor.

Create impact through involvement

Facilitation is basically about creating impact through involvement of all relevant human resources in the organisation in a process that amplifies energy and interpersonal relations.

In the book, the authors who themselves are experienced professional facilitators share their most powerful methods, tools, tips and tricks, thus enabling you to refine your own tool box – regardless of whether you yourself are experienced or a rookie in the field of facilitation.

Furthermore, the book explains how to create energetic meetings, workshops and processes involving the participants at several different levels in order to create ownership, to keep up the pace and energy and, consequently, to create the desired impact.

This is a book that provides leaders, employees and organisations with a tool box that covers planning, execution and implementation and enables the reader to make a real difference.