The future insurance company is a service company

Unlocking the trends that will define the future of the Scandinavian insurance industry

2 February 2024

The insurance market is changing, as it faces and needs to adapt to a series of pivotal changes and groundbreaking trends. These trends range from digital transformation and the complexity of new risks (such as climate change and cyberattacks) to shifting customer habits, demographics and regulatory requirements.

To preserve competitiveness and meet future needs, it is crucial for insurance companies to navigate these challenges with innovation, adaptation and strategic planning.

Key findings from our insurance survey report

In the spring of 2023, we conducted a survey among leading Danish and Swedish insurance companies. 

The survey report provides valuable insights into the changing landscape of the industry and offers recommendations for navigating and adapting to these transformative times. 

Key findings

  • Value-added services and non-insurance products will grow significantly over the coming years.
  • Partnerships and ecosystems will be crucial for delivering the product mix as insurance companies seek to enter the strongest ecosystems and embrace new delivery models.
  • The IT landscape will undergo a significant transformation to accommodate the demand for new non-risk-based products and services. This includes the need for robust pricing engines, seamless integration of various partners and digital customer service capabilities.
  • Compliance with new regulations, such as DORA and Open Insurance, and alignment with business practices will be essential for insurance companies to thrive in the evolving market.
  • AI, partnerships, personalised services and increased digitalisation will reshape the IT infrastructure of insurance companies, enabling them to meet evolving customer expectations.

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The insurance survey report in brief
  • What: Future trends and opportunities within eight core themes
  • Who: Leading insurance companies across Denmark and Sweden, targeting C-level of P&C insurers. The survey is adjusted to fit both private and commercial line of business
  • When: Spring 2023

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