Deciphering the nordic impact map

How sustainability can be a driver for success for Nordic fintechs
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15 September 2020

Sustainability as an imperative for the financial sector

Acting towards a more sustainable world could be the single most important focus point for all of us and our future generations. 193 countries have committed to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. 189 countries have committed to the Paris Agreement. Realising the objectives of these commitments will take more than political commitments alone.

The financial sector is central in addressing today’s opportunities and challenges with the transition to a sustainable society and economy. Having moved from “why” to “how”, the financial sector has strengthened its focus on material issues and attention to core business areas where the greatest impact can be made. At the same time, the booming Nordic fintech start-up scene is leading the way in finding new financial solutions towards a society fit for the future.

Nordic impact fintech scene 2020.

Download the report “Deciphering the Nordic Impact Map”

Will sustainability be a lever for the next fintech success in the Nordics? To answer this question, we explored the financial sector from two perspectives:

  • Interviewing financial institutions within banking, pension, asset management and industry associations across all Nordic countries.
  • Deep diving into impact fintechs and their solutions and services.

Download the report “Deciphering the Nordic Impact Map” to find the first ever comprehensive mapping of the almost 200 fintech start-ups across the Nordics that are in the process of developing tech solutions aimed at solving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The report also contains several use cases from the established financial sector, understanding how to implement sustainability as well as use cases from impact fintech solution providers.

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Why sustainability and financial technology?

Sustainability is here to stay. It will shape the future of business, including the financial sector. Fuelled by the digital transformation, the sector is going through new technological innovation that can help realise the potential of the financial system which has to act as an important facilitator of the transition into a more sustainable economy.

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