Implement Thought Leaders 2021

Fit for humans,

Fit for the future

2020 was an extraordinary year. Beyond the unprecedented challenges and disruptions, it was also a year that gave us the opportunity to ask new questions of ourselves and our future.

On Thursday 25 March, joined by a global audience, we explored two fundamental questions in the company of distinguished thought disrupters Gary Hamel, influential thinker and best-selling author of ‘Humanocracy’.

  1. How can we tackle the worthwhile problems our society and planet are facing?
  2. How can we start movements that can create the change we need to see?

Leaders of pioneering organisations – such as Novo Nordisk, Unilever, Ørsted, Danfoss and Tony’s Chocolonely, and Bjarke Ingels the architectural visionary and mastermind behind Masterplanet: a plan for an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable planet – also joined us to share their unique perspectives and experiences.

The event was hosted by Susan Salzbrenner, partner and human catalyst at Implement Consulting Group, and Stig Albertsen, the chairman of the board.


Keynotes & Conversations

Catch Gary Hamel’s perspectives on business’s role in solving worthwhile problems, Stig and Susan’s keynote presentations, and conversations with business visionaries, including Leena Nair, Mads Nipper and Bjarke Ingels.

They’re all here.

How do we make organisations “fit for humans and fit for the future”?

In this podcast series we unravel one of the most urgent questions of our time in the company of some of the most influential and visionary business personalities: leaders who have the power to change the way we see and think about the world. The podcast is hosted by Stig Albertsen, partner and chairman of the board in Implement Consulting Group.

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Takeaways and thought starters

Summary of Stig Albertsen's keynote

Conversation starters

Gary Hamel

Leading business thinker and strategist, Hamel is most recently noted for his book “Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them”.

Bjarke Ingels

Architectural visionary Ingels will illustrate the thinking and ambition behind Masterplanet: his plan for an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable world.

Leena Nair

As global CHRO of Unilever, Nair ensures that the company has the right people to meet Unilever’s ambitious business growth with environmental and positive social impact.

Mads Nipper

Having recently joined Ørsted, the world’s most sustainable company, as Group CEO, Nipper will explore the value of foresight, insight and courage in tackling worthwhile problems.

Watch the entire event

Here you can watch the entire Implement Thought Leaders 2021 event.


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