Operating system for manufacturing

A systematic approach to reaping the full potential of manufacturing

10 October 2018

In today’s manufacturing, we often struggle with a few things that could be better

Let’s make it clear from the very beginning. Today, every factory has an operating system! But the question is to what extent the current system has been structured and formalised to cope with both day-to-day problems and long-term goals.

In Implement, we have tried to take OS thinking beyond simple day-to-day operations management. We’ve done it in order to design a system that comprises all vital elements for factory management throughout the year – a system that does not only address the traditional areas of performance management and continuous improvement, but also reaches beyond to standardised meetings, flow management and skills capability for shop floor.

Visualisation is at the very core of our system. It is placed there as we strongly believe that no matter what the subject is, it must be transparent and visualised at all levels of the organisation.


Formal or informal, an operating system dictates the running and improving of operations – it is the foundation for operational excellence.

It works as a link between people and tools, helping us reap the full potential of manufacturing. 


The operating system for manufacturing consists of five core elements supported by visual management and it is the platform where we execute the operations strategy. 


The approach is leadership-driven, anchored by internal community owners, securing sustainable implementation.

The core approach is to dream big, but start small and scale fast, to ensure quick learnings across all areas.

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