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16 January 2020

Our experience shows that project delays, budget overruns, dissatisfied customers and demotivated engineers are common challenges in large engineering projects. We need engineering projects that focus on team engagement, can quickly incorporate customer feedback and have the ability to rapidly test assumptions.

That’s why we’ve gathered our key industry learnings for increasing agility in engineering projects.

Increasing agility in engineering projects can help you…

  • Improve project efficiency by up to 50%
  • Cut project delays by up to 12 months
  • Achieve up to 4x* higher team engagement

Get your free playbook for increasing agility in engineering projects

Download your free playbook to start transforming your engineering projects. You will learn 10 hacks that focus on improving:

  • Project team structure and collaboration
  • Meetings and workshops
  • Leadership and behaviour
  • Tools and frameworks
  • Project portfolio management

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