How can you unlock the full potential of your strategic ambition?

In today’s fast-changing environment, effective strategy execution is more critical than ever. Many organisations face challenges in translating their strategic ambitions and objectives into tangible results. Many also struggle to respond to change and mobilise the organisation as new insights and developments emerge. 

A morning discussion on how to turn your strategic ambition into realised value

Join us for this online session, where we will explore the main challenges of strategy execution and the key elements that need to be in place for successful strategy execution. 

During the session, we will share our approach that seamlessly integrates strategic prioritisation with effective execution while ensuring that learning and insights are used to make data-driven decisions. 

The five key areas of our approach are:

  • Data-driven governance and performance management
  • Strategic portfolio management
  • Agile resource management
  • Effective programme and project management
  • Strong capability building and change management

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Get the strategy execution capability assessment framework

When signing up for this event, you will receive our strategy execution capability assessment framework – a framework you can use to identify key areas of improvement in your organisation.

You will also get the opportunity to join the pilot group for our AI-empowered capability assessment.

This online session will give you

  • Insights into the main challenges of strategy execution and tips on how to overcome them.
  • An understanding of the strategy execution model and its parameters.


  • Reflect on your organisation’s current strategy execution challenges based on the ten typical challenges shown in the figure below.
  • Consider the alignment between strategic objectives and execution in your organisation.

Join us online on 24 April 2024 for a discussion on turning strategic ambitions into realised value.

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