How to operate in constrained supply chains

The life science industry is facing numerous global challenges: rising innovation demands, stricter regulations, capacity shortages, shifting power dynamics and evolving customer preferences for on-demand educational experiences. As a result, companies must adopt new operating models, from early discovery to managing inline brands throughout their lifecycle.

Join us for this virtual masterclass with Novo Nordisk. At the masterclass, our Implement team will present the findings of our in-depth survey, highlighting the key OPEX domains that drive transformative change. The presentation will be supported by Mikkel Sandorff, VP Global Contract Manufacturing at Novo Nordisk, who will share insights from his extensive experience in the field.

After a general introduction, we will dive deeper into two of the domains:

  1. Capacity planning and expansion​
  2. Partnerships and external manufacturing​

Joining this masterclass, you will get: 

  • Knowledge and insight into how to operate in a constrained environment:
    • Constraint planning and S&OE
    • Our five-step approach to improved end-to-end supply chain planning
  • Guidance on how to collaborate with external manufacturing partners in a complex industry landscape.

After the masterclass, you will be able to:

  • Better manage end-to-end supply chains by integrating market priorities and execution.
  • Embrace new external partnership models, accelerate time-to-market and stay competitive.

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