Warehouse automation with focus on high-speed picking

 A global apparel company and Implement Consulting Group

14 October 2020

The project

The client is a global apparel company expecting significant growth and a change in their operating model. This would require a five times increase in warehouse capacity and an introduction of omni-pick.

To meet these requirements, the client wanted to expand their current central warehouse and upgrade the existing automated warehouse solution.

The project included:

  • Design of the future warehouse expansion automation solution, including layout, material flow and user requirements specification.
  • Vendor collaboration and negotiation.

The impact

The project generated the following impact:

  • A combined solution across the existing warehouse solution and expansion, resulting in a five times increase in capacity.
  • Omni-pick was included in the automation solution along with retail pick.
  • Possibility to upgrade picking stations to zero-touch picking robots in the future.
  • A significant price reduction for the entire automation solution.

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