Designing an OTC transformation to improve customer experience 

An American automotive company and Implement Consulting Group

7 September 2022

The project

On multiple occassions, the client has experienced challenges when it comes to deployment of transformation projects and has previously launched several ‘get well’ projects to ensure implementation and user acceptance of changes, incl. new processes and systems. One such project was an OTC transformation, with the ambition of restructuring the order-to-cash process, which was not functioning effectively and efficiently and which challenged the experience of the end customers, employees and ultimately the bottom line.

The ambition of the project was to improve the OTC process and, by doing so, to pave the way for a seamless customer experience that could position the client as the preferred partner in the auto part industry. The project team spent a large portion of time understanding what the end customers were experiencing, using this input to frame the issues and understand their root causes. By doing so, we identified the dimensions most critical to the order-to-cash process, which established the foundation for the order-to-cash transformation journey.

The programme was then designed to focus on increasing the related customer experience, while improving the future state operating model, processes and related system landscape. To implement business requirements within the target IT landscape, a hybrid delivery model was used. This ensured an increased focus on customer feedback and quick wins in order to achieve an early impact experienced by the customer.

The impact

The order-to-cash programme was designed to drive and engage a core project team and relevant stakeholders through the transformation journey, with strong emphasis on building purpose, clarity and rapid impact. This included:

  • Development of a compelling story to communicate the transformation journey by anchoring the impact case in customer experience and business operations.
  • Designing an overall programme with clear roles, governance and ways of working to ensure effective collaboration between functions and fast decision-making.
  • Supporting the client in defining the target operating model, target processes and related business requirements for the system implementation and advising on relevant Change Management activities.

By succeeding with the above, the programme significantly improved the customer pain points throughout the order-to-cash process, creating a seamless experience in the benefit of both the customers and the organisation.

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