The next generation virtual sales model

Insights from our 2020 Virtual customer engagement study

30 November 2020

A study of how the global pandemic has influenced the way we engage with customers

COVID-19 has disrupted nearly every part of business, not least the classic commercial sales model. To determine exactly how customer engagement has changed, we have conducted a robust global study with more than 300 commercial executives from varying functions, industries and locations.

Our findings show a different buying behaviour underpinned by customers’ openness to change. When it comes to virtual sales, our research highlights how executives and customers alike are adapting. With customers open to meeting virtually, results also show an increased win rate and a shortened sales cycle:

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The global pandemic has influenced the way we engage with customers. But what does it mean for how we conduct our sales meetings going forward? Download the full report with the results from our 2020 virtual sales study here.


The future lies in a hybrid solution

The results of the study clearly indicate that the customer engagement model has changed. Virtual selling is here to stay. And going forward, our findings indicate that successful organisations of the future must adopt a sales model that combines virtual and physical touchpoints.

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