Motion graphics

Do you have anything you need animated? We are here to help!

24 November 2023


Project description: This short, animated video was made for an internal InCommodities meeting where they launched their new visual identity.


Project description: This short video series breaks down the fundamentals of commercial growth through presenting its key tool – the growth diamond. Each episode highlights one pillar of the diamond, supported with motion graphics.

Commercial strategy:


Project description:
How can you make a product more customer-specific without its complexity skyrocketing? This short, fully animated film explains the benefits of modular products over its standardised and customised peers.


Project description: Short animated text video for social platforms was created to help explain the company’s values and goals. This 30-second video uses Aasted’s visual identity together with a unique showcase of texts and music.

The Tech Collective

Project description:
Project description: The Tech Collective is an integrated part of Implement but with its own visual identity. The video was made when the Tech Collective launched to unfold and play with their identity and colours.

Novo Nordisk

Project description: Novo Nordisk held its CMC Manager Forum to reflect on the past year and look forward through future aspirations. To create internal buzz and excitement, a teaser film was created to set the overall tone for the event and walk the viewers through some of the key happenings.