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World-class supply chain planning

Would you like to start the journey towards creating world-class supply chain planning? Then join us for a deep dive into the current themes in three events.

Supply chain planning is all about letting companies make the best and most profitable decisions when delivering goods and value to their customers. The challenge, however, is that our cognitive capacity as human beings falls short in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world we live in where market dynamics are ever-changing.

Due to ever-changing customer needs, leading companies, thought leaders and technology providers are investing a lot in:

  1. The ability to utilise machine learning and prescriptive analytics to guide and steer their supply chain and to enable visibility through a dynamic environment.
  2. The ability to be truly profit-driven in supply chain planning, prioritising profitable decisions over volume decisions.
  3. Technologies that can be used as enablers for facilitating a world-class supply chain planning process.

Three virtual event days on creating world-class supply chain planning

Join us for one or more of our three events where you will gain insight into as well as inspiration for starting your own supply chain planning journey.

At each event, we will deep dive into one of the three themes mentioned above based on experience from numerous sessions with leading companies, thought leaders and supply chain experts.

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