Implement Thought Leaders 2021

Keynotes & conversations

Creating organisations fit for humans and fit for the future

From Gary Hamel’s ideas on how businesses can tackle the worthwhile problems our society and planet are facing, to Francesca Gino’s observations on starting movements that create the change we need to see – all the keynotes, discussions and conversations from Implement Thought Leaders 2021 are here.

Future-fit your strategy


Stig Albertsen’s keynote

Length: 12 min. 33 sec. 

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Ecosystems and leadership


Camilla Sylvest, Leena Nair & Mads Nipper in conversation with Stig Albertsen

Length: 12 min. 28 sec. 

Case: Novo Nordisk and their ‘Circular for zero’ strategy

Solving worthwhile problems


Gary Hamel in conversation with Stig Albertsen

Length: 14 min. 54 sec.

Visit Gary’s ‘Humanocracy’ page

Change as a movement 


Susan Salzbrenner’s keynote

Length: 12 min. 50 sec.

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Starting change movements


With Tony’s Chocolonely, Danfoss & Unilever

Length: 8 min. 56 sec.

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Scaling change movements


With Lego & ING Bank

Length: 19 min. 09 sec.

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Space for imagination


Bjarke Ingels in conversation with Stig Albertsen

Length: 7 min. 43 sec.

Time magazine’s article on Bjarke’s Masterplanet

The DNA of a change maker


Francesca Gino in conversation with Susan Salzbrenner

Length: 13 min. 58 sec.

More about Francesca’s book ‘Rebel Talent’


Thought Leaders 2021

On Thursday 25 March, joined by a global audience, we explored two fundamental questions in the company of distinguished thought disrupters Gary Hamel, influential thinker and best-selling author of ‘Humanocracy’, and Francesca Gino, Harvard Business School Professor and author of ‘Rebel Talent’.

  1. How can we tackle the worthwhile problems our society and planet are facing?
  2. How can we start movements that can create the change we need to see?
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