Agility is still a must-win battle

Inspiration from the world’s leading business thinkers

At Implement, we want to be inspired by the best and brightest in the business world on our core competence: change. That’s why we created Thought Leaders – a conference that explores academic and practical perspectives with leading business management experts. The aim of Thought Leaders is to inspire and provoke us to learn how we can adapt and continuously improve businesses to create sustainable growth and long-term impact.

Thought Leaders 2019 was all about organisational agility, and we invited modern entrepreneurial management guru and leader of the Lean Startup movement Eric Ries to the Thought Leader stage to help us discover what it takes to build truly agile organisations and entrepreneurial cultures. Agility may be a buzzword but it’s still a must-win battle. And in a world where change is a constant, more and more organisations are recognising the power of agility and its impact on how we strategise, organise and change.

Explore our thoughts on building agile organisations, filmed on stage at Implement Thought Leaders 2019, here.


Thought Leaders 2019

More on Thought Leaders 2019, where Eric Ries, international best-selling author and leader of the global Lean Startup movement, challenged our reservations about organisational agility head-on, provoking us towards breaking new ground.

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