Conference in Copenhagen

When a radical idea becomes an institution

Join the launch of the new Half Double Institute and become inspired

3 March 2020

Half Double started out as a radical idea of changing the way we work with projects. The idea gained a foothold – and now the time has come to launch the Half Double Institute.

A Half Double conference in two parts

Join the Half Double conference on 3 March, where you will be taken on a Half Double journey when we explain how a radical idea became a project, how the project became a methodology, and finally how the methodology became the independent Half Double Institute.

At the conference, we will launch the Half Double Institute and all the new opportunities it offers. All for the benefit of you and your projects.

We have an exciting programme lined up for you, which is divided into an afternoon for all participants and a morning session with a special focus for a small audience.

It is up to you whether you want to participate in both sessions or just one.

Half Double conference

An afternoon session for all participants

Meet representatives from the Half Double Institute, who will present and discuss their perspectives on Half Double and the Institute. You will learn more about their thoughts on what is needed for more organisations to gain more impact in shorter time with their projects. And what it will take to expand the Half Double methodology globally.

The conference calls for your active participation, as you will be invited to visit two deep-dive stands during the conference. At the stands, you will be encouraged to give feedback and ask questions about the topics presented.

At the end of the conference, you will have the opportunity to attend a keynote speech by Paul Gibbons, famous author, speaker and change management consultant. Paul Gibbons will present his take on how organisations can avoid using old-school methods in 21st century business and how organisations can enable and strengthen their application of new agile methodologies such as Half Double.



Doors open




The Half Double journey and launch of the new Half Double Institute

How Project Half Double was established, and what the project has achieved so far, followed by a presentation of the new Half Double Institute and what the institute has to offer.

By Michael Ehlers, Implement Consulting Group


Panel presentations

With guests representing the business system of the Half Double Institute:

  • The new Half Double certification standard
    By Jesper Schreiner, Danish Project Management Association

    Being a Half Double Institute partner
    By Patrick Sorrentino, Peak Consulting Group
  • Academia’s important role in the diffusion and adoption of Half Double
    Per Svejvig, Aarhus University
  • Becoming an agile Half Double organisation
    Claus Hjerrild Holm, GN Audio/Jabra

Stands: Visit two topics of your interest

At the stands, you have the chance to visit real-life Half Double cases from GN Audio and Malmos and learn more about how they have implemented Half Double in their organisation. We will also introduce content from the Half Double training, reveal elements of the new certification standard, learn more about the research behind Half Double, discuss the lab results from the morning session and meet the partners, among other things.




How to make the agile Half Double way the easy way

When learning how to make use of a new agile methodology, which diverts from the old way of doing project management, how do we ensure that we enable and apply this new mindset and these new agile methods in our organisations?

By Paul Gibbons, author, speaker and change management consultant


Thank you and goodbye

Half Double Lab

A morning session for 60 participants

Does your organisation have less than 1000 employees, and does it strive to be an attractive workplace for new employees? Do you focus on growth but struggle with the division between operations and projects? Then the Half Double Lab is relevant to you.

We invite you to take part in a lab workshop, where you will be introduced to widespread project barriers, which research has found that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) experience. CEO Morten Dohrmann Hansen from Malmos will share how his organisation has managed to overcome some of these barriers and realised great project success by applying Half Double through local translation.

At the lab workshop, we will ask for your help in “hacking” how small companies can succeed in working more agile and implement elements from the Half Double methodology in order to achieve more impact in their projects.

We have a 60 people cap on the lab workshop, and we strongly recommend corporate executives, leaders, project managers and employees from companies with less than 999 employees to attend, as they are the target group of the morning lab.

Programme for the Half Double Lab





Purpose, background, agenda and workshop target: Making Half Double work in small and growing companies.


Six barriers in small organisations

Michael Ehlers, Implement Consulting Group, presents six classic challenges which research has shown that growing organisations struggle with.


Half Double at Malmos

Morten Dohrmann Hansen, CEO of Malmos, highlights which of the six challenges Malmos has experienced and how the company has overcome/handled these.


Validation workshop

The participants validate, add to or discard the six classic challenges.




Barrier mapping workshop

The participants identify sub-barriers to success in implementing and using selected Half Double elements.


“How Might We” workshop

The participants uncover how to dissect or avoid the identified barriers using innovation methods such as “How Might We …”


Next step

The participants discuss and pinpoint which next steps are necessary, if they are to succeed in implementing Half Double in their own organisation and how the Half Double Institute might help this process.



As this workshop has a cap of 60 people, first come, first served will be applied. Please refer to the section “Target participants”.

Practical information


Østre Gasværk Teater
Nyborggade 17
2100 Copenhagen


3 March 2020

Morning session: 08:30-11:30

Afternoon session:  12:00-15:30

Anna Hjerresen Schuppli
Half Double Conference

You decide whether you want to participate in both sessions or just one session.

You register for the event on the Half Double website. 

Half Double Lab

You decide whether you want to participate in both sessions or just one session.

You register for the event on the Half Double website. 


Both events are free of charge.