Use behavioural insights to bring your best self to work

Business has become brainwork. But our approach to work is still the same. Inspired by neuroscience and behavioural insights, we strive to change the way we approach our daily work.

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Mads Ingemann Herskind

Community Owners

A modern world and modern jobs – everything seems to speed up. It affects our effectiveness and joy at work, as we are online 24/7 due to digitisation and the constant stream of information that beams into our consciousness, asking for our attention.

Not a whole lot has changed in human nature over the last 50,000 years, but culture and the way we work has changed significantly. The problem is that our minds and bodies are designed to fit nature, and we experience the gap between this design and the culture we have created. The result: a visible increase in psychologically related diseases.

Accept human nature using behavioural science

So, what can we do to bring our best selves to work and keep our minds and bodies healthy? Are there ways of leading others to bring their best selves to work while striving for wellbeing? As humans, we are habitual animals which means that we usually take the standard way of working for granted and mostly fail to acknowledge the need for new ways of approaching things. Thus, we often fall victim to information overload, unwanted interruptions and a constant trail of multitasking, increasingly wearing our brains out.

But we believe that we can do otherwise! We must accept human nature and use insights from neuroscience and behavioural science to become better at:

  • Understanding our natural human design
  • Identifying the barriers that hinder our efficiency and joy at work – and applying the tools to deal with them
  • Leading our own and our colleagues’ intention to good habits in order to lower the strain on our brain at work