Online event

Use behavioural design

– to realise the full benefits potential of your projects


13 April

This is a repetition of two events of the same name that were held in 2019 and 2020.

Have you ever heard people say: “do it or forget about it”? This very much applies when working with change projects.

If we want to create value with our change projects, designing projects for the purpose of creating benefits and producing deliverables is not enough if we forget that people are the most important part of virtually any change. You need to get people to change behaviour if you want the project to be successful. Therefore, making it as easy as possible for people to do the right thing is essential – otherwise your project will end up not realising its full benefits potential.

The project team might need to overcome difficult obstacles, but as soon as you involve your colleagues, clients or fellow citizens, it needs to be easy for them to act in the desired way.

Morning meeting about behaviour-driven benefits realisation

Lack of behavioural change is the primary reason why change projects do not realise their full benefits potential as behaviour and benefits realisation are closely linked. Still, we do not invest nearly as much in analysing and implementing a change as we do in our deliverables, which often results in us making it more difficult for our colleagues, clients and fellow citizens to change behaviour. But if you include behavioural design in your project, you will be able to significantly increase the impact of your investment in development.

Are you a manager, and would you like to increase the impact of your development portfolio? Or are you a project manager wanting to create more value with your projects? Then join our morning meeting and learn more about the link between benefits, change efforts and classic deliverables. You will also be introduced to the right tools to help you realise benefits in your projects, e.g. by using benefits realisation and behavioural design.

Practical information


The event is hosted online.

A link will be sent before the event starts.

When (CEST)
13 April 2021
8:00 AM - 9:45 AM

The event is free of charge.