Manifesto for
Change as a Movement

While change has become a constant, the approach that organisations are using to deal with increasing complexity of challenges and continuous transformation has not evolved.

The exponential and rapid growth that most of us experience today is met with a methodology that was designed for nicely scoped sequential transformation processes that could be worked on one change at a time. For the purpose of transforming our organisations to be fit for the future and fit for humans, we need a new approach. We need to nurture the factors that enable change to emerge through the initiative of the people in our organisations and multiply the power of our collective intelligence.

Shifts that drive a need for a different approach to change in our organisations:
  • The problems we face: from technical challenges that are easily defined and exist within the boundaries of knowledge that we already have to adaptive challenges that are complex, interdependent and require us to go beyond the boundaries of what we already know.
  • The structures we operate in: from organisations filled with hierarchical, rigid structures with job titles that dictate responsibilities and rank to organisations filled with fluid networks of teams that come together temporarily to solve the problem at hand and then shuffle around to solve the next.
  • The power dynamics we experience: from old power that works like a currency, held by the few and jealously guarded, to new power that flows like a current – it is open, participatory and peer-driven.
Change will not flow as a movement if you do not believe in the following.
  1. People have more to give than we know and will take ownership for change if we let them.
  2. Everyone is a change-maker and problem-solver with a perspective worth exploring.
  3. The best change initiatives will emerge through the collective and not be forced into existence.

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In the autumn, we plan to host an event on change as a movement.

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