Business Performance Transformation

Driving end-to-end business performance transformation through finance, data and risk management

Your ability to thrive in the face of changing markets, growing regulatory demands and increasingly innovative opportunities starts with enabling fact-based decision-making and anchoring behavioural change across your organisation.

Building on core disciplines within finance, data and risk management, our end-to-end business performance transformation services can help you fully exploit opportunities within:

  • Order-to-cash transformation (OTC)
  • Integrated business planning (IBP)
  • Business performance management (BPM)

End-to-end services

A challenge facing many companies is how to break down organisational silos and bring central functions such as commercial, operations and finance together towards a common purpose of changing the business for the better.

Our end-to-end initiatives are designed to empower and enable cross-functional teams to come together and exploit synergies which are the essence of creating efficient and sustainable change.

These include integrated business planning, order-to-cash transformation and business performance management.

Integrated Business Planning

Drive greater profitability by aligning your commercial, operational and financial activities and create a meaningful budgeting or target-setting model for the entire organisation with Integrated Business Planning (IBP). From corporate strategy to daily production planning, IBP can help you ensure effective planning processes and better decision-making.

Order-to-cash transformation

Transform your OTC processes to create a better customer experience, improve process efficiency and reduce costs.

Business performance management

Build effective and holistic business performance management frameworks by linking strategic objectives to KPIs that drive desired behaviours with end-to-end capabilities from master data management and KPI selection to dashboard construction, governance structure and change management.


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Risk services

Integrating risk perspectives throughout your organisation will help you quickly react to market fluctuations, take effective action and make rational decisions in the face of uncertainty. From strategy development and execution to financial and operational processes, developing a healthy risk culture will ultimately build greater resilience across your organisation, boost your business performance and improve decision-making.

Our risk services include governance, risk and compliance, integrated risk management and risk awareness.

Governance, risk and compliance

Organisations are facing increasing pressure on compliance and the associated costs and risks.

Ensuring that people can navigate and embrace the ever-evolving complexity of business regulations demands new ways of working that drive meaningful behavioural change.

Integrated risk management

Reducing silos and integrating risk perspectives in decision-making will help you get the most out of risk management. We believe that the key lies in bringing risk offices closer together to bridge the gaps between strategy, finance, operations, investment, procurement and project execution planning and processes.

Risk awareness

How can you create engagement in risk management throughout your organisation? Risk awareness is not just about risk reporting but about creating clarity around the purpose of risk management at all organisational levels and tailored risk processes and tools.


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Data services

Turn your business data into a business enabler by implementing master data management and data governance processes. Anchoring new behaviour and implementing best-fit data solutions will help you ensure lasting, sustainable performance.

Data governance

Create more efficient processes and ensure the transparent use of data across functions with an improved and simplified data governance setup tailored specifically to your organisation.

Master data management

As the backbone of many business processes, robust master data management and strong master data structures will help drive your organisation towards better and more data-based decision-making while also serving as a solid base for tracking business performance.


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Finance services

Helping the finance organisation to drive business performance improvements throughout your company with finance process optimisation, finance business partnering capability assessment and training.


Finance business partnering

Finance business partnering provides your finance professionals with the competences to become true business partners and advisers based on an optimised end-to-end financial operating model and structured training.


Finance operations

Finance operations is the engine that drives the flow of financial information supporting activities in your organisation in both daily operations as well as in times of change.

Effective finance operations will help your organisation achieve more efficient and effective processes, deliver accurate and timely financial information and provide more time for decision-support activities.


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