IT capability assessment

A digital impact workshop

Esben Kristensen Lønborg
Henrik Bjerg Tufvesson
Nicolai Friis Touborg

Could you use a little disturbance from outside your organisation to help you kick-start change?

We have developed a concept for four one-day workshops to kick-start change. One of the workshops is on IT capability assessment. The one-day workshop will be a day of participation where you and your team will get to work on a case and co-create an idea for change.

If you buy a workshop from us, you will get a well-prepared one-day version of how we work with our project teams. After the workshop, we will summarise your conclusions and send them to you, so you can further develop your ideas for change.

Questions that we could discuss at an IT capability assessment workshop:
  • Where should IT invest their resources (e.g. catering for current or new needs, investigating new technologies or capturing the benefits of current technologies)?
  • What are the biggest challenges in capturing and understanding business requirements to drive value to the business leveraging IT and technology?
  • Is your project portfolio aligned with key strategic themes in the organisation and are you able to identify the exact projects that should be stopped when business priorities change?
  • What are the biggest challenges and concerns regarding IT operations and business continuity (e.g. how do you reduce your backlog, do you have a disaster recovery plan in place and has it been tested recently, is your IT landscape able to scale with business growth or decline)?
  • Are you able to manage and protect your assets and data sufficiently (e.g. have you discussed and aligned security standards with the business, are you sufficiently prepared to meet legislative requirements like GDPR or similar)?
  • How well do you handle your vendors, and do you have a formalised strategy and process in place to select, follow up and renegotiate key contracts? Do you have a model for how to collaborate with vendors?
  • How well is the IT budget aligned with the business, and do you have access to the right IT competences now and in the near future?
Implement IT capability model - levet 1

You can also download an overview of the IT capability model - levet 2&3 here.

The agenda will be discussed and tailored to your specific needs, but a draft may look like this:
  • Setting the scene and introduction
  • Quick assessment of IT capabilities (potentially done via a survey prior to the workshop). If possible, feedback from internal customers is included
  • Evaluation and playback of the assessment, identifying a heatmap of potential issue areas and evaluating how aligned the assessment is across the respondents
  • Discussions of selected gaps, level of ambition and prioritisation
  • Break-out sessions with deep dives into one or a few prioritised topics to sketch solutions and actions
  • Wrap-up and potential next steps

How do we measure maturity?

We conduct an IT maturity analysis that provides an assessment of the extent to which your organisation has the necessary framework and structures to support the business vision. Thus, we need an analysis set-up where the overall structures are investigated.

Based on best practice, we have chosen to look at the following five areas for each capability area.

How we measure maturity