Warehouse assessment

Establish a benchmark overview of a network of warehouses and/or improve the individual warehouse

Morten Damsø Pedersen
Mathias Staal Jørgensen

Companies do not always have the warehouse as the centre of attention. Often, the primary focus is on production, sales or other key processes driving the business performance, with warehousing as a support function. However, if you are a company that sells physical goods, everything goes through the warehouse or at least through a warehouse process as stock is being moved around. Due to this broad functional surface, a warehouse assessment can account for an impact that reaches much wider into the organisation.

If you have a large network of warehouses and want to establish a benchmark overview of the network of warehouses or improve an individual warehouse, we propose a structure for selection of the warehouses to be assessed in a three-step approach. In this way, we can help you use data analysis and self-assessments that can be carried out on a larger scale before going in depth with the individual site.

Approach with three steps to analyse network and individual warehouses
As we follow the warehouse process at the selected site, we get an idea of:
  • Performance → internal material flow, lead times, time in stock and quality release
  • Compliance → control of goods, traceability, quality and risk
  • Digital support and user experience (UX) → WMS solution design, process robustness seen from the user
With this information, we can document and propose:
  • Overview of processes and material flow
  • Improvement initiatives mapped by ease of implementation and impact
  • Suggested implementation plan and timeline
  • Business case for improvements
  • Digitisation and digitalisation opportunities

You can do this exercise both virtually and physically. We advise our clients to be conscious about what they choose and what prerequisites are required for both to be a success.