Understanding IT performance

Analyse IT costs to align business strategy with IT investments

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Esben Kristensen Lønborg
Henrik Bjerg Tufvesson

Get an in-depth understanding of IT spending to gain the full potential of IT investments and a better foundation for strategic IT decisions.

Left unchecked, IT spending can be complex and become inconsistent with the business strategy. This may result in spiralling IT costs or inadequate IT performance. Or both.

Create a platform for optimisation

When you get an overview of organisational IT spending, it serves as a great platform for optimisation and development of IT initiatives that can support the business.

However, costs do not provide the full picture. To have a balanced view of IT costs, we suggest combining a number of alternative measures to leverage both a quantitative and qualitative view on IT.

You can, for example, look at IT capabilities based on Implement’s IT Capability Model. This provides a basis for how much you spend as well as clarifies the level of ambition of the type of services and service levels that IT should deliver.

Achieve full business value from IT

At Implement, we can help you optimise your IT spending with an IT cost and benchmark analysis. This is a proven method that maps all direct and indirect IT costs alongside the business objectives which they are supposed to address: running the business, building the business and innovating the business.

This enables us to identify areas that require a deep-dive assessment and where corrections should be made. We benchmark your results against similar companies to compare your performance against industry standards, giving further indications of areas to optimise in order to achieve full business value from IT.

We have the business outcome in mind. Therefore, we tie IT benchmarks to the key focus areas of the business, making the causality of IT investments more clear. We believe that this is the best basis for setting an ambition and aligning where to focus efforts.

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What should be the focus of IT? You could innovate new products and services, Improve customer experience or optimise operations. What's your winning aspiration?