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People make projects succeed. Actions and engagement make people succeed.

Leadership is about embracing uncertainty and unpredictability to encourage bold decision-making at the heart of the action. It’s also about facilitating the journey towards a common goal – and ensuring close collaboration with everyone involved and making sure that everyone is satisfied with not only the results, but also the way they were achieved. Collaborative leadership with a people-first approach – that allows for the complexities that make us who we are – is how Half Double leads to project success.

Projects need leaders who can cope with complexity and the unexpected, leaders who can solve conflicts, manage stakeholders and truly lead people, so leadership the Half Double way actually involves prioritising people over systems. It also entails having an active project sponsor who is willing to lend support by spending real time with the project, as well as a high-end project leader who is able to cope with the turbulence and change that happens along the project journey.

Introducing leadership

Human engagement is a key resource in projects, which is why a crucial part of Leadership is geared towards ensuring commitment. 75% of all project failures are due to poor leadership – which makes motivating others and encouraging and enabling engagement and commitment in projects all vital elements of Half Double leadership. Time, talent and energy are vital functions and motivation is needed to deliver these three functions. Fully engaged teams are capable of incredible things. But as people we do not like being perceived as costs or as activities in project plans or process diagrams – we need and want meaning to function optimally. Leadership that inspires this meaning and engagement is what Half Double is all about.

The core elements of Half Double: Impact, flow and leadership

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