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Design your organisation to fit the humans in it

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Nicolai Friis Touborg

An organisational design is a reflection of the strategy and operating model of a given company capturing the essence and focus. It is not only about a structure with several layers ensuring everyone has a manager even though some organisational designs seem that way.

You create your organisational design with offset in the strategy, ensuring the design criteria and main focus of your organisation are reflected in and aligned with where your company is headed strategically. By designing your organisation with a close strategic link, delivering towards the strategy becomes more efficient and feasible. It is all about people. People who will make a company perform. And to perform, you need to ensure that you have designed your organisation to fit the humans in it.

We help linking your strategy and your organisation

At Implement, we focus on creating the link between strategy and organisation. We help you design your organisation based on your given strategy using proven methods to reach the right organisational design for your company.

Our methodology includes the strategy as the starting point for the future operating model followed by designing the capabilities and competences you need for the future, setting the ambition for how you want to work in your organisation. We also support you in ensuring that the design criteria and the choice of your organisational design are made in alignment with your strategy ambition.

To support you in ensuring the full potential of your organisational design, we review and design the key processes, roles and governance structures. This is supported by our role catalogue among other elements of best practices. Strategy, design criteria and organisational choices, processes, roles and governance are all combined elements influencing your organisational design, and they need to be balanced in order to deliver the impact and value desired.

Today, organisations are working towards becoming more agile by working across business and IT and having roles merging parts of the IT and business-functional areas. We also take this into account when we design your organisation. It all depends on your strategy and the organisational choices to be made.

Would you like to evaluate whether your organisational design is fit for the humans you need? Please feel free to look through our material for inspiration or contact us.