IT and digital operating model

How to tune your digital engine to create more value

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Nicolai Friis Touborg
Sefkan Lezgin Øzcan

A digital operating model is the combination of multiple dimensions that collectively deliver the digital and IT services to the organisation.

Organisations must ensure to design a digital operating model that fully supports business needs and enables the digital organisation to deliver on its mandate. The dimensions of the operating model are adjustable and dependent on each other. Changes in one area are thus likely to have consequences in other parts of the operating model. Organisations that continually fine-tune their operating model create more value from their IT and digital investments for instance by delivering services at higher quality with faster time to market and at lower costs.

We see a clear tendency for organisations looking to adjust their digital operating models to respond to changes faster and to become more flexible in accommodating changing priorities within the business. In addition, with digitalisation becoming increasingly strategic and a critical part of the commercial agenda, we see that digital operating models frequently need to cover a cross-functional setup across both traditional IT services and business-driven digital services.

Designing a digital operating model that aligns your digital organisation with your whole organisation

At Implement, we help you design digital operating models that align the digital organisation with the strategy, the environment of the organisation and the culture of the organisation. The operating model defines the technology layer, the delivery model with external partners, the organisational design and the governance framework of the organisation, and finally it defines the processes to operationalise the combined system in the best way possible.

We emphasise creating operating models that are agile and can respond to changes, and we coach you in how to adjust the design to accommodate future changes post-project.