HR tech implementation

A holistic approach to reaching the full value of your HR tech implementation

How Implement Consulting Group can support your HR solution implementation.

#1 By optimising your HR processes – where it all starts

It starts with you: your processes, your organisation and your people. To achieve maximum value of your investment, the organisational processes, which the system is intended to support, must be the starting point.

We have extensive experience with process optimisation prior to implementation, and we understand the challenges related to a complex process landscape with deviance for example between global and local processes.

How Implement solves this

Through co-creation and accelerated design sprints:

  • Mapping As-Is processes
  • Identifying challenges and opportunities
  • Documenting existing processes, defining and collecting performance KPIs/data, key learnings and market-specific insights
Design sprints
  • A shortcut to accelerate solution building and ensure fit for purpose. Using design thinking methodology to build prototypes for improvements to relevant business processes and ensuring business involvement.
Test your prototype(s)
  • Validating and strengthening your prototype(s) through real-life testing. Observing the prototype process in practice and collecting performance data and user input.
Result: Recommendation
  • Collating and summarising findings from process group tests and recommending next steps.

#2 Through agile and impact-focused project management

Our project management methodology is a mix of well- proven tools and methods combined with an agile, research-proven approach to cater to the increasingly complex reality that organisations operate in.

Implement will align and adapt to your HR solution vendor’s implementation approach to ensure consistent delivery and value realisation. However, it is always done with extreme focus on three core elements: impact, flow and leadership. In Implement, we call it Half Double.

#3 Managing the change – accelerating your user adoption

Our experience shows that successful change and transformation projects do five things well:

The end user is always at the centre of how we drive decision-making. We will be partnering up with the technical track to safeguard that adoption and change aspects are an integrated part of every step of the implementation.

We help organisations make change stick

We have experienced change managers and highly skilled trainers who will create an effective learning journey for the entire organisation, ensuring long-term end user adoption and maximising the change impact – of course always with a human-centric approach.

This is the holistic approach

Implement’s competences in process optimisation, agile project management and change management make us the ideal partner in large-scale implementation projects. We manage the complexity, and together with your technical implementation partner we will enable your company to reach full value realisation of your investment.

We focus on impact, value and user adoption

  • We have solid experience with large- scale HR and digital transformations.
  • We have deep functional insight and an innovative mindset.
  • We know how to create impact in projects through high energy and engaging change management techniques.
  • We have extensive experience with HR solution implementations across top tier solution vendors

Case examples

Optimising HR processes for a global FMCG company

The project objective was to optimise all key HR processes through innovative design sprints involving the global HR community, structured business input and testing of prototypes.

The impact: 20+ optimisations identified, global alignment of HR processes and identification of local variations and a foundation for a faster and more effective implementation.

Managing the change – Enhanced user adoption through customised change initiatives

A global IT company realised that previous implemen- tation efforts had only focused on the technical implementation. Implement assisted the client with roll-out plans with integrated change management activities, including training, communication, user adoption activities, go-live simulations etc.

The impact: A roll-out plan inherently created with a change mindset, detailed design for involving end users in testing the go-live approach and activation of a champion network to ensure long-term adoption.