From employer branding to effective recruitment

Our holistic approach to employer branding and talent attraction

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Annemarie Malchow-Knudsen
Pernille Gjøls-Andersen

Effective employer branding is based on consistency between the employee experience and the externally communicated employer brand

A consistent employer brand which is both experienced internally and communicated externally is the key to success in employer branding.

It will:

  • Make it easier to engage employees to participate in the branding and attraction efforts.
  • Make the brand messages more trusted and thus more attractive.
  • Ensure that employed candidates will stay when they meet reality inside the organisation.

Our approach to branding makes the employer brand the essence of the organisation and ensures consistency all they way through for high impact

The employer value proposition is put into play in a structured and data-based approach to effective branding, attraction and sourcing

The funnel model illustrates the different parts of the employer branding and recruitment field focusing on the mindset of the potential new employee:

  • Branding: The potential employee becomes aware of the organisation as an employer. • Attraction: The potential employee finds the organisation attractive as an employer.
  • Sourcing: The potential employee is ready in the pipeline to be matched with relevant vacant positions.
  • Screening: The potential employee has shown interest and is now being assessed against positions.
  • Selection: The potential employee is being selected among others for a particular position.

Summary: Three steps to get started with effective employer branding and attraction

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Annemarie Malchow-Knudsen
Pernille Gjøls-Andersen