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Projects can be complex and infinite. Insist on weekly and visible progress.

Half Double emphasises the importance of flow in projects. In other words, the importance of the energy of the project, created by everyone joining in, working together and collaborating as a team, rather than selected individuals working on separate tasks in their own little corners of the company.

Half Double prioritises flow optimisation, as it recognises the true nature of projects as demanding endeavours that require focus, creativity and co-operation. In addition, Half Double encourages and empowers individuals to work together and concentrate on one task at a time in order to optimise flow in the project. This is in contrast to traditional project management methodologies that tend to focus on resources – spreading and scattering resources thinly across numerous projects – in order to optimise and prioritise project resources.

Flow means prioritising the speed and progression of the project above all else. Therefore, the emphasis is on selecting the right people to fully engage with and work on the project and enabling them to be involved in a state of high intensity by heavily allocating them to the project. This is why co-location is such a vital part of flow: it enables frequent interaction. This radically increases productivity and innovation and boosts the progression of the project, in comparison with keeping team members distributed and separated on individual tasks.

Introducing flow

Through flow and the associated tools of flow optimisation and co-location, Half Double ensures a project where the people involved are in a state of high intensity, energised focus and are fully engaged and committed to the project process. The project is designed to accommodate for frequent interaction with key stakeholders.

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