Digital impact workshops

One-day workshops to kick-start digitalisation

Esben Kristensen Lønborg
Henrik Bjerg Tufvesson
Nicolai Friis Touborg

Could you use a little disturbance from outside your organisation to help you kick-start change? We have selected some of the elements we use to develop digital and IT strategies and made four one-day workshop concepts – a day where we join you and your team to help fuel discussions and inspiration to kick-start change.

We know that the dynamics of a team and the way team members work together is crucial for a team’s efficiency. Therefore, we have developed a one-day workshop concept where we build up the team while focussing on a concrete and practical perspective of your everyday work-life.

You will not implement change in one day, we know that. But our aim for the workshops is to stimulate your curiosity, provide a sufficient level of disturbance, inspire you to develop some concrete ideas and set an ambition that will spark your drive to advance your ideas from the workshop to a fully implementable change initiative.

The format

We have suggested four concepts for one-day workshops – these do not make up a complete list, so please let us know if you have any other topics that you want to venture into together with us.

The four concepts are:
  • Digital capability assessment
  • IT capability assessment
  • Strategic IT project portfolio review
  • Digital trends opportunity assessment

The one-day workshop will challenge you with a concrete case and show you a one-day version of how we work with a project team on a specific issue.

A day of participation

At the workshop you will get a full day of relevant presentations and discussions facilitated to inspire and challenge the way you think and work together. The workshops are intended to get you as participants out of your chairs to participate and contribute. During the workshops, we’ll have four focus areas:

  • Collaboration
  • Energy
  • Change
  • Challenging viewpoints

We’ll take the role as facilitators during the day, but it will be you as participants who will discuss and create your own ideas for change.

The four workshop concepts

We invite you to dive further into each of the four suggested topics for a small teaser and some key questions in relation to each of them.

We will prepare and summarise the day

Before the workshop, we will prepare the day, posters, instructions and workshop materials. After the workshop, we will summarise the conclusions and send it to you.

Typical outcomes of the day could be:
  • A list of specific actions to be taken to make the desired change
  • Inspiration for new ways of working and approaching issues
  • Learnings on co-operation and working in teams while also being challenged professionally by the case you chose to work with.


Implement Consulting Group will deliver the workshop at a fixed price with relevant SMEs for the topics. If required, Implement Consulting Group will be able to host the event at our premises at Strandvejen 54, 2900 Hellerup.