Communication and follow-up

– in Integrated Business Planning

The decision-making process only creates impact if the decisions you made are executed upon.

The last step of the IBP process is to communicate decisions and follow up upon them. If you want to create impact with your decisions you make, then you must execute upon them. Therefore, the immediate step you must take after you have made a decision is to communicate the decision to all relevant stakeholder and to follow up on actions agreed.​

Communication and follow-up has 4 steps

Step 1

Lock and release final plan​

Create a summary as communication material after the meeting and send it out to relevant stakeholders. Ensure that decisions and actions including responsibilities are clearly illustrated.




Step 2

Execute actions

All responsible people need to understand the objective of the decision and what actions come that decision so that they can execute their part of the actions in the most appropriate way. Often the people who are to act on the decision have not been part of the executive S&OP meeting​

Step 3

Follow up on actions

The S&OP manager/facilitator needs to follow up on agreed actions every week to make sure there is enough progression. Follow-up should not happen at the meetings but between meetings, so that action lists are updated prior to meetings and only important actions are commented upon

Step 4

Follow up on performance​

We want S&OP to be a continuous learning process and we want the process to create decisions that create impact. Therefore, the S&OP manager should also follow up on performance, understand root causes for gaps and suggest improvements to be discussed