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Chatbots explained

A chatbot is a software system ­designed to interact with a human user in a natural language without the assistance of an actual human being.

The first chatbots were similar to an interactive FAQ. Today, most chatbots have been encoded with advanced ­decision-making and trained from a large number of conversations. Therefore, it is possible for the bots to handle queries from a human user, even with spelling mistakes or inconsistent language. Complex chatbots use advanced machine learning techniques and neural networks to learn from interactions with a human user. This makes it possible to engage in conversations on a deeper­ level as well as adapt to changes in human behaviour.

A well-trained chatbot can thus carry out conversations like an actual human.

Why Chatbots

Chatbots increase customer satisfaction by ...
  • Ensuring consistent high quality in answers provided
  • Giving instant response
  • Creating fun ways to interact with the business
  • Easily redirecting a customer to a human customer service agent, if needed
... and improve company service efficiency by
  • Ensuring 24/7 service
  • Providing data-driven customer insight
  • Being proactive
  • Freeing up time for better customer service in complex cases

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