Assessing digital capabilities

Develop your digital capabilities to succeed with digitalisation

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Nicolai Friis Touborg
Henrik Bjerg Tufvesson

In order to succeed with digital transformation, you need to develop a new breed of capabilities that enable your organisation to innovate and exploit emerging technologies. We can help you assess your existing capabilities and guide you in the selection and development of new capabilities.

Digitalisation is rapidly redefining industries and is now the greatest catalyst for change across industries. In order to succeed with digital transformation, you need to develop a broad set of capabilities spanning disciplines such as innovation, strategy, design/UX, digital and IT.

At Implement, we have developed a Digital Capability Maturity Assessment in the form of an online survey. The survey consists of a number of statements where you score depending on the characteristics of your organisation.

If you are interested in knowing your current digital maturity level, and better understand how to increase your maturity in order to leverage emerging technologies and succeed with digitalisation please reach out.

You will receive a link to the survey relevant for your organisation.

What should be the focus of IT? You could innovate new products and services, Improve customer experience or optimise operations. What's your winning aspiration?