Thought Leaders 2021

Fit for humans,

Fit for the future

2020 was an extraordinary year. Beyond the unprecedented challenges and disruptions, it was also a year that gave us the opportunity to ask bolder questions of ourselves and our future.

Discussing visions of the future with forward-thinking, courageous leaders revealed two emerging questions that are critical to debate in making organisations truly future-fit.

  1. What is the biggest worthwhile problem we can solve?
    This question offers a new imperative to the work of imagining future strategic directions. It is an invitation to explore a new level of ambition to tackle bigger problems with the capabilities we have, as an insurance against irrelevance in the future.
  2. How do we make change feel more like a movement?
    We are experiencing a pressing need to reinvent our change capabilities. To develop the capacity to sense and respond to change as quickly as it happens, we need to unleash creative and entrepreneurial potential to ignite change movements in our organisations.

Together with the globally renowned thought-disrupters Gary Hamel and Francesca Gino, architectural visionary Bjarke Ingels and leaders from LEGO, Unilever, IKEA and Ørsted, the world’s most sustainable company, Implement Thought Leaders 2021 will focus on providing a range of diverse perspectives to respond to these questions.



Since 2009, Implement Thought Leaders has been a regular opportunity to invite our community to explore emerging business themes with us.

And over the years we have been fortunate to do just that with such business luminaries as Clayton Christensen, Daniel Pink, Herminia Ibarra, Donald Sull, John Kotter and Roger Martin.

Most recently, in 2019, it was our pleasure to welcome Eric Ries, the leader of the Lean Start-up movement, to Copenhagen to inspire and provoke our thinking.

A look back at Thought Leaders 2019

Agile organisations for real

At Implement Thought Leaders 2019, leader of the Lean Start-up movement Eric Ries led us in a live exploration of the mindsets that need changing and the actions that need taking to create agile organisations for real.

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The history of Thought Leaders

Back in 2009, we decided to expand Thought Leaders from being an internal event to something for our wider network. And so we invited our community to be inspired, together with us, by leading figures in the business world on our core competence: change.

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