3 virtual sessions

The Inclusion Lab

Making inclusion more than just a tagline

Cross-organisational lab with three online modules during 2021

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Join the Inclusion Lab, a community for future-proofing organisations and unleashing human potential. We will take a cross-organisational journey to hack inclusion, share learnings with each other and create an ecosystem of change makers.

It is time to find better ways to unleash the incredible human potential within our organisations.

The numbers call for a change towards organisations where inclusion and diversity are lived, so people can bring their whole self to work and teams can benefit from sharing diverse perspectives. We need inclusive leaders who create the conditions for others to shine, making change an activist movement throughout the entire organisation rather than a top-down exercise.

Let’s join forces

Imagine how much further and faster we could go if we took advantage of our collective intelligence – shared our journeys, hacked our challenges together and celebrated our wins along the way. Therefore, let’s join forces in the Inclusion Lab to:

  • Prototype impactful inclusion practices.
  • Challenge fundamental assumptions of management that undermine diversity and inclusion benefits.
  • Build social movements that can forge cultural change and build cultures of belonging.

What is the Inclusion Lab?

The Inclusion Lab is a “do tank”, not a “think tank”. A place where things get tested, trialled and may fail. But together, we will learn from each other while building the capabilities of experimentation as well as cultural and behavioural change – all in a safe digital space.

The Inclusion Lab is a virtual journey

Upon registration, you will be contacted by one of our colleagues to get you and your team set up for the lab journey.


The lab will kick off in late January and continue throughout the spring to late summer 2021. 

Susan Salzbrenner
Who is the lab for

The Inclusion Lab is designed with large international organisations in mind and is aimed to bring together professionals with a focus on diversity and inclusion, HR professionals and business leaders.

Deadline for signing up

The deadline for signing up for the Inclusion Lab is

Friday 15 January 2021 no later than 23:59:59 (CET). 

Three modules to build inclusive organisations

Module 1: Inclusion with impact

Designing for accelerated, sustainable results.

Main themes

  • Which inclusion practices show the greatest changes of impact (based on data and research).
  • How to leverage organisational processes, KPIs and rewards to drive sustainable change.
  • Design and refinement of own inclusion impact case and building first prototypes of experiments.

Key deliverables

  • Facilitation kit: “How to run an experiment“.
  • Tools for measuring progress of inclusion practices.
  • Identified focus area for each organisation.


Download the Inclusion Lab fact pack

Module 2: Inclusion as a social movement

Changing the way we change.

Main themes

  • Principles of social movements and activism for sustainable change.
  • Leveraging informal networks inside and outside of your organisation.
  • Individual behavioural change principles and approach.
  • Rethinking management and leadership practices that are obstructing inclusion.

Key deliverables

  • Toolbox for kick-starting and enabling crowd-solving initiatives to flourish.
  • Activating key influencers and building a movement around inclusion.
  • Individual behavioural change plan.

Download the Inclusion Lab fact pack

Module 3: Inclusion through innovation

Leveraging the power of technology

Main themes

  • How can new technology minimise bias and make inclusion a strategic lever to high performance and psychological safety?
  • Collaborating and co-creating with the tech start-ups to build impactful solutions during a “Hacking Inclusion” Talent Lab to address identified barriers.

Key deliverables

  • Decisions based on Build-Measure-Learn loops (Lean Startup) as to whether to scale or pivot practices.
  • Inspirational kit of inclusion tech solutions that can accelerate your journey towards results.


Download the Inclusion Lab fact pack