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Pedro D'Arezzo Maestrelli
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"Why not make the work easier and more interesting so that people do not have to sweat? The Toyota style is not to create results by working hard. It is a system that says there is no limit to people’s creativity. People don’t go to Toyota to ‘work’ they go there to ‘think’.”

Taiichi Ohno

Merging digital and operational excellence

As Head of Operations or Head of Lean in your organisation, you have been working within operational excellence for decades – and so have we. We acknowledge the work of Taiichi Ohno and commit to the lean methodology, however we also believe there is a vast potential in merging digital and operational excellence. In essence we believe we can drastically increase shop floor performance by bringing innovation back to the shop floor. Together with you, we want to create a movement where Digital & Operational Excellence are seen as catalysts for real transformation.

To explore and enrich the possibilities within this area, Implement has decided to launch the Augmented Lean Lab.

When we talk about augmentation, we’re talking about any external, assistive system that lets organisations do their jobs better, more efficiently, and more safely. Another way to define augmented work is work that integrates digital technologies into a process to evolve how that work is done. The term “Augmented Lean” is thus used to refer to the use of technology for the improvement of the performance of a process or task.

A professional network for knowledge sharing

The Augmented Lean Lab is a personal and professional network where you will get a chance to socialise with peers from other companies, learn from their experience, travel together to events and perhaps even brand yourself by contributing to points of view that influence public awareness within this area. In the lab, we will focus on merging different disciplines, and for each event you will have a chance to bring a colleague. This could be your head of digital excellence, HR partner or head of maintenance.

We will meet on a regular basis in the Augmented Lean Lab to discuss challenges such as:
  • How to create true business impact with data and analytics.
  • How to close the skills gap or the lack of alignment between the skill set required for modern work and the skill sets extant in the labour market.
  • How to increase technology adoption on the shop floor.
  • How to ensure that your IT/OT backbone is less of a black box and more of a tool for scalability of your pilots.
  • How to get data governance to really work.
  • What enabling technologies you need to understand.
  • How to benefit from working with gamified work.
  • How to drive behavioural change in the business to implement fact-based ways of working.

In the dialogues, we will draw on Implement’s expertise from other management disciplines, such as strategy, innovation, digital transformation, leadership and change management, to compile content which is targeted at your roles. However, the mentioned challenges are just examples, as it will be up to you and the lab to provide ideas for the content of the meetings.


Practical information

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You need to be a member to participate in the meetings, but membership is free.

To sign up, please send an email with your contact information using the link below.

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The Augmented Lean Lab is a network of operational managers and lean managers, e.g. Head of Lean, COOs, production directors and so on.

Vendors will not be allowed to join but can be taking part in events as presenters within selected knowledge areas.



The lab will have regular meetings 4-5 times a year.

In addition to these meetings, we will send out knowledge bites before and after the gatherings, targeting increased learning and co-creation.

The format

The lab meetings will be based on presentations by members, thought leaders and vendors, if relevant.

The meetings will also rely on your participation through workshops and debates.


We hope that the meetings will take place physically, but we may occasionally plan a virtual event for whatever reason.

We plan to start out in Implement’s offices in Hellerup, Copenhagen or Aarhus, but you might also be invited to host (hosting will be optional).


Other types of events

If the interest is there, we have an ambition to travel as a group to international events.

However, all related costs (conference fee, travel costs, etc.) will be charged by Implement to the individual participants.

A voice in the public debate

We plan to produce and publish points of view on behalf of the lab or groups of named contributors (optional) to ingest viewpoints into the public debate.

Contributions could be in the form of surveys, interviews, co-writing, etc.


The language spoken at the meetings will depend. More and more leaders in Denmark and Sweden are English-speaking, but if all members speak Danish/ Swedish, this will of course be the language of choice.

Implement’s role

Implement Consulting Group will sponsor and coordinate the lab, and we will facilitate the meetings.

In other words, all you and your peers need to do is to participate.