Event in Aarhus

Solution Day 2019

- with Grundfos


6 March 2019

Would you like to participate in a one-day case competition with focus on solving a real-life supply chain case? Then join Implement Consulting Group and Grundfos for Solution Day 2019 in Aarhus.

SOLUTION DAY is a concept aimed at students enrolled in a master’s degree programme or students in their final year of a bachelor programme. The day is hosted by Grundfos and Implement.

At Solution Day, our focus will be on supply chain management and operations management, and you will get the opportunity to apply theory to a practical case.

A day of solution creation

  • The day will kick off with short presentations by Implement and Grundfos. Here we will present you with the tools to dive into the supply chain case.
  • After the presentations, you will be working on the case for approximately 4-6 hours. The case work will take place in groups made by Implement and Grundfos. Afterwards, you get the chance to present your solution in front of managers from Implement and Grundfos.
  • Concluding the day, you will attend the price ceremony. Here, it will also be possible to socialise with the other student participants as well as network with people from Grundfos and Implement.

By joining Solution Day, you will get insights into how Grundfos and Implement use best practice tools and concepts within supply chain management to solve a real case within supply chain sustainability. The day will also give you great networking opportunities with professionals from both Implement and Grundfos, giving you a chance to see what it is like to be working within their fields.





Welcome and introduction


Introduction to Implement, Grundfos and the supply chain case topic


Case work




Case work


Presentations of the solutions


Announcement of the winner


Refreshments and small talk

Practical information


Aarhus University
Building 2627, H216
Fuglesangs Allé 4
8210 Aarhus V

6 March 2019
8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
How to apply

You apply by uploading your CV and grade transcript.

Deadline for applications is Monday 25 February 2019. You can expect an answer no later than 27 February.


MSc students and potentially last year’s BSc students too with a strong interest and/or background in supply chain management, operations management and/or logistics.


The event is free of charge.

Solution Day

The concept

  • You will attend a workshop together with co-students and explore a global market-leading company from the inside.
  • You will learn essential skills and tools within a specific area of supply chain management.
  • You will support Implement Consulting Group in delivering new and innovative solutions for a specific real-life problem.
  • Finally, you will present your work and ideas to Grundfos and Implement Consulting Group.

Theme of the day

Designing Grundfos’ future sustainable supply chain

At Grundfos, sustainability is a key point on the agenda. Therefore, Grundfos is constantly exploring opportunities to include sustainability in the supply chain activities. Make their point on the agenda come to life and investigate how Grundfos could make the supply chain “greener”, having the environment in mind.

The theme of the day will cover topics such as sustainable supply chain footprint and supply chain planning.

Your assignment will be to analyse the current state, understand the challenges of the future and design a solution that deals with these challenges. You will get access to both qualitative and quantitative data, and you will get a chance to talk to both Grundfos representatives and consultants from Implement Consulting Group.