Software robotics in brief

In a competitive market the use of robotics software to carry out labour-intensive tasks is the future

February 2017

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Software robotics is here to stay and will radically change the way you work with process improvement. The question is when and how you want to reap the benefits. Software robotics can be seen as a virtual workforce which is established and managed by your business units. The benefits potential is dramatic cost reductions, higher service levels and improved data quality.

Software robotics is basically about training robotics software to carry out labour-intensive, rule-based and repetitive tasks. Tasks that are often too extensive to be carried out manually but at the same time too complex to effectively integrate in existing IT systems. The solution is to use software that imitates the way that humans perform the tasks, utilising the existing user interface layers.

In other words, the software runs on top of the existing IT systems and does not require any coding or IT integration.

Why software robotics

Software robotics…
  • Is a virtual workforce controlled by operations and support teams
  • Emulates human activity via user interfaces using existing IT landscape
  • Sits on top of existing infrastructure, governed and controlled by IT
  • Represents a powerful combination with current staff
  • Is optimal for repetitive, deterministic and high-volume tasks
  • Eliminates manual errors
Benefits of software robotics
  • Cost-savings compared to in-house: 90%, outsourced: 60%, offshored: 30%
  • Increases customer satisfaction by real-time processing
  • Eliminates errors through machine processing
  • Provides a flexible workforce 24/7/365
  • Prolongs legacy system life
  • Accelerates benefits realisation by building up internal robotics capabilities
  • Extreme reliability
Our experience
  • Banking: Operations processing, compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Insurance: Claims handling and policy administration
  • Energy: Administration of new installations, billing and collections
  • Professional services: Data migration and financial consolidation Telco:
  • Fulfilment processing, activation and customer billing processing
  • Municipalities: Social services, finance and administration processes

How to carry out a software robotics project

Implement delivers software robotics projects using a well-proven delivery model that enables the client to validate the business case and automate the first processes in a few weeks. A joint project team delivers from day one using a simple agile approach, and the benefits are accelerated by ongoing training of your staff from day one.

We work with our clients over a 5-week period – delivering hands-on process automation, clarity on business case and ensuring that the client’s staff are trained in the robotics software used.

How to get started

Only a few basic prerequisites have to be in place in order to get started, and Implement will ensure momentum from day one through a well-proven delivery model and a set of predefined templates.

To implement a software robotics pilot in 5 weeks requires for the delivery model to be very effective and simple. Implement’s software robotics delivery model states 8 basic prerequisites in order to get started.

Effective and simple delivery model:

  1. The client appoints a dedicated project manager and subject matter experts.
  2. Implement provides project management assistance, agile coaching, process automation and software robotics training.
  3. The client and Implement agree on project scope and plan – confirming that the joint project team is ready to deliver from day one.
  1. The client ensures system access to relevant IT development/test systems.
  2. The client provides laptops (or virtual desktop solutions) for the core team members and a dedicated server robotics software.
  3. The client appoints an IT contact.
  4. Implement installs robotics evaluation licences and performs setup at the client.
  1. Implement brings free-of-charge robotics evaluation licences for the full pilot project period.Thus, no investment in licences is required until the process automation is deployed into production.

Too good to be true?

No change initiative is without risk, and there are examples of software robotics projects where the expected benefits were not realised. However, through our extensive experience with software robotics projects, we will be able to help you identify and mitigate these risks. We look forward to talking to you about what we can do for you.

Why Implement?

Implement is committed to deliver change with impact, and with a strong software robotics implementation track record and deep knowledge of the solution providers, Implement will ensure your benefits realisation.

Selected software robotics cases:

Nordic insurer
  • Scoping and business case development
  • 60% in cost reduction, 70% FTE reduction
Danish energy company
  • Automation of end-to-end processes
  • Significant improvement in processing time, accuracy and reduced staff costs
Nordic bank
  • Automation of end-to-end processes
  • Implementation of operating model
  • 32 FTEs freed up within the first 12 months
Nordic telco
  • Automation of end-to-end processes
  • 400% ROI, year 1
  • Payback time: 3 months