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The sharing economy currently is one of the most talked-about topics, which is why we want to bring even more attention to it. The purpose of the forum is to create room for discussions on the sharing economy, bring together our and the participants’ competences and experience and to explore the opportunities and potential of the sharing economy. We want to pursue actual solutions rather than “what might work”.

Deep dives into topics relevant to the overall focus on the sharing economy

We hereby invite you to participate in three annual morning seminars, where we will deep dive into topics that are relevant to the overall focus on the sharing economy by using a mix of Are you interested in the sharing economy? Invitation Sharing Economy Forum Exploration, inspiration and knowledge sharing presentations, workshops and group discussions.

The Sharing Economy Forum provides an opportunity to learn more about the sharing economy, whether a sharing economy business model can be applied to your organisation and, if that is the case, how to get started. We believe that the best way to create a future within the sharing economy is by designing it together.

At the Sharing Economy Forum, you will meet other participants who share your interest in exploring the sharing economy and who are facing the same challenges as you, and thus it provides a good opportunity for you to quickly build up your sharing economy network. Regardless of how far you have come on your sharing economy journey, we, together with external subject matter experts, start-ups and the other participants, will help each other on the journey.

At Implement Consulting Group, our main focus is to help our clients through major transformations such as those that may occur when initiatives related to the sharing economy are initiated. By applying the right tools and methods supported by a strong digital foundation, organisations may use the sharing economy model and principles as their point of departure to strengthen existing or develop new innovative business areas.

9 guidelines for the sharing economy

Take social responsibility with your sharing economy organisation focusing on:
  1. Security, responsibility and consumer protection
  2. Respect for the law
  3. Sustainable society
  4. Sound working conditions
  5. Joint ownership, involvement and democracy
  6. Social conduct of profit
  7. Transparency
  8. Sound business practice
  9. Cross-organisational co-operation

Target group

The target group is professionals who have an interest in and are curious about the sharing economy. We want to form a group of participants from the private as well as the public sector. Participation is free of charge and not binding; however, we expect the active members of the forum to prioritise participation in the forum events.

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