Senior ERP Manager Network

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We would like to invite you to take part in our exclusive network for CIOs and Senior ERP Managers. You will get the chance to discuss relevant ERP topics with peers at four annual network meetings, each with a theme determined by the participants.


The Senior ERP Manager Network is an exclusive network targeting ERP Managers in large companies and CIOs in medium-sized companies working with ERP at a strategic level.

Our Senior ERP Manager Network will be an intimate network with a maximum of 15 members. That way, you can build a confidential bond with your fellow members and thus share and discuss ERP-related issues you may face in your organisation.


The network will host four annual meetings. This gives you the chance to meet with peers regularly to discuss current ERP-related topics and topics related to being a manager of a team of IT professionals. Each meeting will be from 16:00-18:00 on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday followed by dinner every other time.

In order to maximise the relevance of the network, the members will host the meetings and decide on the theme to be debated. Examples of themes could be: How to initiate an ERP project, how do agile and ERP fit together, or what are the implications of shifting from on-premise to cloud?

Participation in the network is free of charge.

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To join the network, please get in touch with Rasmus Hassing or Christian Elgaard.

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Introduction to the company and the ERP department


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