Event in Stockholm

Optimise your supply chain

- with SAP Integrated Business Planning


28 May 2019

Prepare to take your supply chain to the next level in a more global and volatile business world

SAP and Implement Consulting Group invite you to an inspiring day with a focus on the various aspects of SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP), including sales and operations planning, demand planning/demand sensing, inventory optimisation, supply planning and response management and more specifically on implementation cases regarding these topics.

This will take place through presentations and café sessions, covering the topics of accelerated IBP implementation, financial and profit simulation in SAP IBP and simple and efficient demand planning in IBP for Demand.

Join us for an inspirational and hands-on day where you can learn more about the innovative value-creating capabilities of SAP, gain insight into the various planning solutions and discuss them with experts and peers.



Doors open and light breakfast


Introduction and welcome

SAP Sweden


Digital supply chain supported by IBP

Introduction to SAP IBP, vision, roadmap and functionality.

Claus Jensen, SAP


Keynote:  Sales planning with IBP at Grundfos

How Grundfos combined sales, financial and supply chain demand planning in one process

In 2018, Grundfos implemented SAP IBP in 60+ sales companies worldwide to support its monthly sales planning process. The monthly process involves Sales, Finance and Supply Chain – and brings them together around one set of numbers for both volume, price and turnover forecast. The implementation was carried out in only four months.


Small break


Fast time to impact with IBP

How to start an IBP implementation with a focus on getting impact after a few weeks and what a roadmap might look like.

Søren Skjødt, Implement Consulting Group


Café sessions

  • IBP end-to-end. Experience the full power of the end-to-end planning process in SAP IBP Get an overview of SAP IBP with this session. We will make a live demo of an S&OP process, where the different capabilities within Demand, Inventory and Supply are explained.
  • Financial and profit simulation in SAP IBP. Learn more about how IBP can improve the S&OP process with SAP IBP as an enabler for integrating Demand Planning with Financial Forecasting. This will enable fast scenariobased decisions in the supply planning.
  • Demand planning in IBP and simple forecasting. Focussing on how to reap the benefits of IBP, both with regard to demand sensing and how to do simple and efficient demand planning in IBP for Demand. We will share our viewpoints on how to have a simple forecasting process that reduces complexity and increases transparency.
  • Spare parts planning is a headache for many companies. How do you asses the criticality and segment the different products, maintain the right balance of capital tied to inventory and potential stock out cost if an item is not available? Get insights into the planning process and how to handle the spare part planning process by utilising the functionality of SAP IBP.

Each café lasts 30 minutes, so you can choose two different tracks.



Wrap-up and networking. Implement and SAP will be around for questions, comments etc.

Practical information


SAP Svenska AB
Sveavägen 44
S - 111 34 Stockholm

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Tuesday 28 May 2019


Breakfast from 08:00 and lunch from 12:00

Thomas Grosbøll

The event is free of charge.

From 12:00, it is possible to book one-on-one meetings with SAP and Implement Consulting Group. If you would like to book a meeting, please email par.forsmark@sap.com.


More and more companies have embarked on the journey to enhance their supply chain planning with the latest and newest technologies by using SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP).

Powered by SAP HANA in-memory technology, this real-time supply chain planning solution combines capabilities for sales and operations, demand, response and supply planning as well as inventory optimisation while taking advantage of powerful supply chain analytics, what-if simulation, alerts and more–delivered through the cloud to enable fast innovation.