Retail product master data management


December 2017



TOP-TOY was experiencing a scattered system landscape and a fragmented responsibility for master data, and when the company implemented a new ERP system it became clear that a governance structure for master data and an integrated use of data needed to be established.


Implement Consulting Group assisted in establishing a master data governance office which was a driver for standardisation of master data and the related processes. Implement also created governance around master data, which included the following milestones:

  • Roles, responsibilities, processes and leadership described and documented
  • Master data standards documented and approved for materials and vendors
  • Master data processes documented and approved for materials
  • Master data quality and process measure on a continuous basis

A successful solution design was reached by collaborating with key people in the supply chain function as well as adapting best practices matched to the situation of the company. 


The project contributed to building the competencies within master data management in the supply chain function as well as gradual maturation of the processes in the function. In addition, the data migration processes became more efficient and well- documented.

This project ensured:
  • Improved transparency and control
  • Speed and efficiency in processes
  • A more efficient data migration process