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Reimagine leadership and change

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28 May 2019

Research shows that leadership development programmes do not always create the desired business and behavioural impact. Every year, organisations invest more than USD 46 billion in leadership development, but only 7% of executives think that leadership development effectively helps change leaders’ behaviour. Moreover, 86% of managers see themselves as inspiring role models, while 82% of employees consider their leaders to be fundamentally uninspiring.

At our breakfast event, you will get to meet and listen to leaders from E.ON who have dared to challenge this paradigm.

See how E.ON challenges traditional ways of driving change by letting leaders design and prototype future versions of themselves

The large power company E.ON is on a journey. A journey with the goal of providing 100% renewable energy to their customers. To change the entire business, all leaders and employees need to act and think radically differently. Over the course of a year, they have run a large-scale experimental programme with ALL of their 275 managers, from front-line managers to the CEO. The initiative, called Leadership Live, lets leaders apply Design Thinking methods to design and prototype positive leadership behaviour in their daily work, in order to accelerate strategic change.

The concept is inspired by successful, result-focused product and service development, and it pretty much turns how we typically look at leadership development upside down. For a product or service to add value, there must be users who have a desire to use the product and a market that is big enough. The same goes for leaders, who must add value to their “users” (i.e. their employees) and to the organisation in order to stay relevant. This means that leaders have to actively ensure there is a demand for them. And this can be done by proactively prototyping positive behaviour.

Success factors according to E.ON have been …

… touching the hearts and minds of leaders. Dare to play with emotions.

… using creative problem-solving methods. Explorative mindset and proven Design Thinking methods.

… learning on the job with ambitious and achievable goals. Behaviour design sprints.

… giving and receiving honest peer-to-peer feedback. High trust in Leadership Labs.

… involving the “users” in ensuring we are on the right path. Bottom-up change.

The results and feedback so far are astonishing:

“This is our single most important initiative to accelerating the culture and change we need to stay ahead of competition.”

“I have been given more honest feedback from peers and my team than ever before.”

“I have completely changed the way I actively develop my leadership.”

“The sprints have changed how I reflect on myself and my team: From a once-a-year activity to a continuous process as part of my daily life.”

By joining our event, you will:

  • Meet and listen to leaders from E.ON who drive change
  • Learn the process to design behaviour sprints and discuss its power to accelerate change
  • Craft an attractive challenge for YOUR own organisation that could accelerate the change YOU need



Intro and light breakfast


Leadership Live @ E.ON


Let’s try it out (interactive session)


Dear E.ON… Did it actually work?


Wrap-up and mingling

Practical information


Implement Consulting Group
Strandvejen 56
2900 Hellerup

28 May 2019
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

The event is free of charge. 

Waiting list

The event is fully booked.

If you want to be put on the  waiting list, please write to Maria Sig Møller: masm@implement.dk