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Reignite public purpose

How change needs to change – and inspire movements

With Jeremy Heimans

11 May

Purpose in the public sector is arguably stronger than in any other. How might we harness it to inspire change?

The public sector is under constant pressure to change and the call to action is urgent. This calls on us to start asking new questions, like:

  • What makes change in public sector organisations different from other sectors?
  • How might we exploit emerging change dynamics in the public sector?
  • What sparks movements in organisations constrained by hierarchies and bureaucracy?

Luckily, the public sector is fuelled by a human desire to make a difference – people who are driven by propelling our community and society forward. 

Often we hear the people who make change in institutions are ‘disruptors’ right? That’s not how it works

Jeremy Heimans


Change is still a challenge in many organisations. And why is that? Does the greater purpose lack connection to what we do every day? Is leadership limited by yearly budgets or reviews that force us to act on and decide within a finite space?

As we see it, our current type of management may deliver short-term gains but tends to undermine our ability to see the greater purpose.

An event on how to tackle the challenges facing change in the public sector

Could the way we manage change be what actually kills the motivation for it?

If the resistance to change is a by-product of our management efforts themselves, we need to explore an alternative path to change:

  • One that embraces the notion that human beings love and thrive on change.
  • An approach that ignites our inherent ability to change.
  • One that works with the purpose-driven passion of our people in the public sector – not against it.

Finding this new path to change, we need to see ourselves less as managers of change and more as leaders – inspirers, empowerers and orchestrators – of movements.

Join us as we explore the new change paradigm and how we tackle the challenges facing change in the public sector together with Jeremy Heimans, one of the most acclaimed thought leaders in his field.

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11 May 2021
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Tor Nonnegaard-Pedersen
Troels Møller Grosen
Jens Viuff Ludvigsen
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Guest speaker

Jeremy Heimans, co-founder, CEO and author of the bestselling book New Power: How Power Works in Our Hyperconnected World – and How to Make It Work for You

Jeremy Heimans is the co-founder of the company Purpose, a social impact agency that uses public mobilisation and storytelling in order to help organisations shift policies and change public narratives through participatory initiatives. Heimans is already highly praised for his thoughts and ideas on power in the 21st century.

One of the key arguments in his book on New Power is about how power nowadays cannot be seized in the traditional ways. Instead, our hyperconnected world allows ideas and movements to spread and flourish with astonishing speed – and thus, as leaders we must take on new perspectives in terms of what enables power and change, or as Heimans puts it: “It’s only a real movement if it moves without you”.

Amongst many examples, his book highlights how grassroot movements and mobilised communities in England’s National Health Service orchestrated change from inside the system – thus illustrating how new power can facilitate change in old hierarchical bureaucracies.